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DH: Shiro | Weapon by LittleTreeHugger
DH: Shiro | Weapon
He stopped hiding the spikes on his back and and horns on his head- he doesn’t give a fuck about people anymore. Uses his monstrous appearance to deter people from coming close to him.

The cut design at the back of the tank top is a ribcage and spine where the spikes poke out.



"There's always a way out."

Collection of Shiro Refs


Name: Shiro Onizuka
Weapon: 'Giant' 5-Point Shuriken (+extra ref)
Age: 17
Gender: Boy... not yet A MAN //sob
Partner:  Leon Taiga ALWAYS AND 5EVER wHAT do YOU MEAN THEYC AN'T RESONATE????? They're just having a not so good day walk it off walk it off

Brief Background

The Onizukas are a ninja clan who prides in having Demon Weapon blood run through their veins. However, only very few in the family have inherited it, therefore anyone born in the family with this power are given great honour and strictly taught to serve their meister. Though they have long since abandoned the ninja business, many in the family still practice the art of the shinobi for discipline and physical fitness. 

So, when his parents discovered their son had this talent, they immediately sent him off to Grimoire Academy, much to his annoyance. They hope that doing this will make him straighten up and do something great for once in his life. 

>Character Notes<:new:


:new:Shiro once was uncaring, uninterested, unmotivated...(basically, every 'un-' you could probably think of) and lazy as hell. However, after getting really fucked up by everything that's happened ever since entering Grimoire Academy.

He is distant and rather anti-social. Very distrusting of others with the only person that he truly trusts is Leon. He's become quite serious and doesn't play around anymore, he doesn't talk to anybody and will avoid interactions with a cold shoulder. He's not interested in making 'friends,' he's become rather misanthropic. 

His expression is even more blank and disinterested, it's as if he's gone round to a full circle. Though he holds a lot more bitter feelings and scorn.

Strengths / Weaknesses

He's really good at escaping. From avoiding responsibility to getting out of sticky situations. It could be from strategic thinking but mostly his luck. Yea, he's actually a pretty lucky guy. So far, he's managed to get out of many confrontations with only a few injuries. 

However, he gives up very easily and fall into negativity. Recent occurrences have made him afraid of himself and his mental stability is slowly deteriorating. Though his face doesn't show it, he is very susceptible to stress. He used to be able to keep his cool in almost every situation because he never really valued his life. But after certain events he realised he wanted to survive, and this has led him to taking more risky actions. This is both a positive and a negative. Though he is becoming proactive, his actions may lead him to more dangerous situations. Taking a risk provides a chance while not doing anything means nothing will change. However, he isn't reckless nor will he dive straight into battle. He remains in the background, behind the front lines, opting to not fight at all. Only when he or close friends are actually being targeted will he make a move. He doesn't care about being a hero, he just wants to survive.

Despite all this, soul resonance is as strong as ever- because he wholeheartedly trusts Leon, his Meister. He's become very dependent on her, with her he can remain calm.

Likes / Dislikes

+ Sleeping
+Sweets & Desserts
-Spicy food

Fighting Style

Protecting Leon is his top priority. Fights as her partner, because he's not 'just a weapon' anymore. Will probably coordinate moves with her. However, he still calls her several variations of 'Boss.'

If on his own he will asses the situation from the shadows and plan an escape route or continue hiding until it's safe. When initiated in a fight, he will try to run away and find an escape. 

However, if push comes to shove he has martial art skills at his dispense and lite electrical abilities. 

Additional Information


★ He has a mole under his right eye, sort of in the corner. 
★ He's 5'10 tall 
★ Becomes very 'awake' or somewhat energetic when something piques his interest
★ Gives people one or two syllable nicknames bc lazy.. sometimes he forgets names 
★ Has a soft spot for short/ tiny people - he however is unaware of this fact
★ He's a weab even if he is of Japanese heritage
★ He carries a pair of chopsticks with him
★ He eats souls with chopsticks
★ He used to dye the underside of his hair red but stopped after purgatory bc he grew out of it... hue 
★ He likes to rap in front of the mirror.... secretly... to anime songs......................... while pretending to b tough & hardcore
★ Yep the Naruto series is his inspo- it's not even a secret
★ wHOOPS- he's also wearing a pendant he got from Leon for Christmas 

Appearance notes: 

★Chapter 1 
    - marked by a ghoul
★Chapter 2
    - mark grew
    - purgatory +1year 
    - claw scars and vampire bites courtesy of Skylar
★Chapter 3
    - body swap
    - partially seraph corrupt - white glowing butterfly tats + orange eye tint + white(er) streak in hair.
    - lite ver. of Pierre's electricity powers
    - horns, red streaks, spiked spine, green eyes w/star pupils, very warm blood(?) bc E10
★Chapter 4 :new:
    - 2nd degree burns on his face, hands and neck courtesy of Sasukyew



ok this is a rly big jump lets say during patrols he took out his frustrations on ghouls ok? ok.

Character Release Form

 y e s

MA: Lee Haneul by LittleTreeHugger
MA: Lee Haneul
For :iconmargedion-academy:


Full Body & Extra 
Name: Lee Haneul 이하늘 
Faction: Gula
NepheshTongue Tattoo (embedded in her belly in Daemon form) 

Age: 15 
Gender: Female
Height: 155cm (Deus) /160cm (Daemon)
Weight: 45kg
Nationality: Korean


She grew up in a happy environment under the care of her grandmother after her father walked out on their family. Shortly after, her mother left to go to America with another man when Haneul was very still very young. She can barely remember her parents, but she doesn’t care because she has her grandmother whom she loves dearly. 

Her grandmother owns a small local restaurant, which she helps to run after school. Despite this, she still makes sure to study hard so that one day she could make their business flourish, let her grandmother live in luxury, and finally refuse the money that her mother sends them every month.

Haneul was also brought up to be a believer of God, though she is not overly religious, she still prays with her grandmother.  She always believed she lived a rather virtuous life, so it came as a shock that she was the bearer of a great sin. She wants to quickly clear her soul and get back home to her grandmother. 


A down-to-earth girl and honest girl, she is independent and assertive, especially when standing up for her beliefs and sense of justice (much influenced by her grandmother and her faith). She confronts people head-on, fair and square without use of cheap tricks.  However, she can be very short-tempered and result to vulgar language, and violence if provoked because she doesn’t want to be seen as ‘a weak and vulnerable little girl.’ She tries to act tough and doesn't like to employ the help of others.


Weapon: Giant Frying Pan

Skills: Pain Link★
★ Can link her own pain to ONE enemy target
★ Can link the pain of a select target to herself
★ Pain link only works ONE WAY. 
★ Either pain from her to target OR pain from target to her.

 Finds it difficult to/ doesn't ask for help when needed
☆ Violent
 Not very fast bc her weapon is huge
 Hates idly standing around so will jump into action with half a plan
 If her target of pain link is attacked, she will also feel their pain. 
 Her skill is a double edged sword. 
 Her skill is only effective if she is suffering from great pain already.
★ She can only use her skill on herself

☆ Honest
☆ Hardworking
 High defence - not just with her weapon, but she's also agile and flexible
 Good physical strength
★ Has a lot of endurance and stamina
 She won't feel pain when attacked if she has a pain link with someone who isn't being attacked.


✪Her given name 'Haneul' means Sky/ Heaven

✪She is a self-taught guitarist, and can sing very well however she won’t pursue a singing career believing that it will get her nowhere. 

✪Her academic grades are above average. She’s not a genius,  but she is very hardworking to keep her grades up so that she could pursue a career in business. 

✪Hates ‘cute’ things. To her it’s associated with small and weak. 

✪Frugal with money

✪She sucks at cooking. Her grandmother tried teaching her, however everything she cooks either burns or is inedible. She’s more of an eater anyway.

✪In Daemon form she's 160cm bc her heels give her an extra 5cm height!

✪Eyebrow game pls

✪Since the main language in MA is English let me just... add this:
Growing up in Seoul and never having left the country, she only knows Korean but has learned textbook English at school. She's probably seen a few foreigners having lived in the capital though. She can read and write in English quite well as she studied hard at school, but speaking and listening is a lot different and may get lost in conversations. Can probably speak broken English. 

Terms of Agreement:
I hereby agree that my character is an active part of the story and will accept any changes that will happen to him/her/them given that said changes were objectively designated by the admins.
Thanks for Everything by LittleTreeHugger
Thanks for Everything

Aha, It's finally time for Ivory to say goodbye :'D
Good luck to all the new students, I hope you have as much fun and improve as much as I have! AoH is a great place. (: 
I'm glad it was my first rp group.
Thank you!

Edit: Fixed the face a little


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hi. Thank you for visiting. (:

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