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Re:V Takahashi Tomoko by LittleTreeHugger Re:V Takahashi Tomoko by LittleTreeHugger

Didn't get accepted TT_TT next time.. next time...
Only found this group a couple of days ago after the app checks hnnng I hope my app is ok ><

Extra Ref:


Name: Takahashi Tomoko
( 高橋 (Takahashi) | 朋 (tomo) "friend" combined with 子 (ko) "child")
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0ft/152.5cm
Weight: 43kg/ 95lbs
Birthdate & Star Sign: April 4 (Aries)
District: Kyuujuuminku
Education/Job: Narashino High (third year) | Part-time at 'The Purrfect Place' (cat cafe) 
Team: n/a
Tag Tattoo Location: Right Shoulder Blade (when she gets into a team)


[Yuki ( 幸 (Yu) "happiness" 貴 (ki) "valuable" )][Siberian Forest Cat] [Male]

Affectionate | Dog-like | Mischievous | Friendly | Flirtatious

Tomoko named Yuki with the kanji for happiness and valuable because Yuki has given her all the happiness she could ever ask for in a friend. She also treasures him very much because he's her only friend and was a gift from her family. Yuki also means 'snow' which reflects his solid white fur coat. 

Yuki is a very large cat- almost as big as a dog, and displays dog-like traits such as nuzzling up to Tomoko when she's sleeping, keeping her warm with his long fur. He's very energetic and mischievous, tricking Tomoko into situations that could get her involved and interacting with people as was her parents' wishes. He is also very talkative, especially to strangers, in contrast to Tomoko who will hide behind her hood and leave Yuki to do the talking. 

Another thing about Yuki is that he can be quite smooth and flirtatious as well, which can be very troublesome for Tomoko because she often asks Yuki to help her talk to people. This ends up leaving her in embarrassing situations once she realises what Yuki just made her say.


Shy | Meek | Hard-working | Optimistic | Dependable | Introverted | Easily touched/amazed | Roundabout 

Tomoko is just plain average. Nothing much is interesting about her, average grades, average lifestyle. She is aware of this and willingly accepts this peaceful and comfortable life.

She is also a very shy and a rather weak-willed girl who cannot handle social situations or confrontations very well and prefers to stay away from strangers or interacting with people at all. She tends to be quite meek, and a push-over who dislikes conflicts, therefore is easily taken-advantaged of by everyone... even by the bossy children in her neighbourhood. However, despite this she is generally optimistic, often looking at the brighter side and has a strong work ethic at her part-time job and in her studies. She holds Confucianism values which is greatly influenced by her grandfather and a compassionate heart that cannot leave a person in need alone.

After years of failing to make friends, she realised that she didn't need any as she enjoys her own company anyway. She found things she could do alone and by having no social life, it meant she had more time to work at her part-time job, often taking overtime if she can. She doesn't want to burden her parents, and generally avoids making trouble for them by paying for her own expenses and doing alright in school. She doesn't like burdening others either, and trails off mid-sentence when it seems as if the other person isn't interested. This also means that when you ask for an honest opinion and if the truth could possibly hurt or offend you, she will answer in the most roundabout and confusing way as possible and/or avoid the question altogether. She is not confident enough to be brutally honest, however she was taught that lying is bad. 

She is easily amazed by other people who stand out, and tends to see everyone else to be much better than her. This doesn't necessarily mean that she dislikes herself, she's just comfortable in the sidelines, watching other people shine


[tl;dr Shy loner girl who has no friends. Gets bullied a lot. Resorted to being a cat lady. Parents gift her a cat allmate. Allmate tells her about Rhyme.] 

The only child from a working class family, she lives with both her loving parents and grandfather in the Kyuujuuminku district. Her father is a simple salary man and her mother is a housewife. There's nothing particularly interesting about her family, except for the fact that they can be quite eccentric and loud in contrast to her, making everyday lively and fun.

Her shy and meek personality however, made it very difficult for her to make any friends and throughout elementary and middle school she made no friends at all. Being alone and being very short also made her prone to bullying. "It's not too bad" is what she thinks, as it only consists of being made to do errands, getting her money stolen or being made to do things that everyone else in class doesn't want to do...etc. She's seen worse bullying on TV dramas and anime, so considers herself lucky. She just endures it all without telling her family to not worry them. By the time she reached Highschool, she gave up trying to make friends and welcomed the life of introversion, since dealing with people proved to be too exhausting. 

She took up a part-time job at a cat cafe near her home because she loves cats (they don't bully her) but can't keep them at her house and so that she could help her parents out with expenses (however, they refused to accept her money) and because she didn't have any friends to hang out with anyway.

During this time, her parents started to become worried about their daughter's lack of a social life or rebelliousness that teenagers are 'supposed to experience,' blaming it on their 'bad' parenting, while her grandfather states that she is “Wasting away her youth.” So, for her 16th birthday, they decided to give her the best AllMate they could afford- a Siberian Forest Cat. They thought the giant cat looked fluffy and would make a great companion to their daughter (who loves cats), but chose dog-like personality traits for him that is energetic, affectionate and friendly to strangers in hopes of helping her make friends.

Slightly annoyed that her parents bought her something she deems quite expensive when they could have used the money for more important things, she nonetheless, humbly accept this gift with much gratitude. Her parents' plan backfired however, because now that she has Yuki, she doesn't feel the need to make any more friends. Not giving up, her allmate was the one to introduce her to the world of Rhyme, intending to get her to interact with people more. She plays from time to time, but she is more focused on her part-time job. Secretly however, she enjoys the thrill of the game.


Papa - Tomoko's happy-go-lucky and carefree father. He worries very much about his little princess and wishes that she would be more selfish. Like Tomoko, he is very much a pushover and gets bullied at his workplace too. However, he doesn't pay much mind, or even realise he's being unfairly treated, as long as he can support his family. Tomoko relates much to her father, making her daddy's little girl. 

Mama - At first glance, Tomoko's mother looks like a sweet and quiet woman- the very epitome of a housewife. Like her husband, she is also very go lucky. But, has an extremely fiery personality like her father. In the house, she tackles chores as if they were a battle and she is full of spirit, always going overboard with her husband's and daughter's bentos. Always giving 200% love and care. Even though her husband is the breadwinner, she wears the pants in their relationship. Tomoko idolizes her mother, and because of her that she is able to have the strength to endure the bullying at school. 

Ojii-chan - Like every typical grandfather, Tomoko's ojii-chan is very loud and talkative, complaining all the time. He used to be part of the yakuza in his youth, which explains his daughter's chivalrous spirit as he brought her up with strict rules and codes of conduct. Tomoko likes to listen to her grandfather babble on about his youth, so he's very fond of her. 

Yuki (allmate)- Tomoko's only friend, confidant and adviser. Yuki is the only one Tomoko ever shows her true feelings to, and the only one she ever relies on. He often encourages nags Tomoko in her everyday life to talk to people and to stop being a such a loner. Their personalities are the opposite of each other, but they get along very well. Yuki seems to be the more dominant one in their relationship, often telling her what to do. She trusts him anyways and obliges to his demands.


Neko-baasan (boss) - The elderly lady who owns 'The Purrfect Place' where Tomoko works. She is the only worker in the cafe because it never gets too busy. The only reason she (the old lady) started this cafe was to fund for taking care of the abandoned stray cats on the streets to give them a permanent or temporary home. It also doubles as a cat adoption centre. She highly dotes on Tomoko because she reminds her of the little stray kittens she finds and takes in her cat cafe, she is extremely grateful to Tomoko for helping her run the cafe as well tending to her needs as well.


✔Quiet places
✔Action & Adventure genre movies, animes and manga
✔Baggy clothing

✘Expensive luxuries (will often turn away/ get turned off by overly expensive items)
✘Standing out
✘Chocolate (except for white chocolate)
✘Bitter tastes (like coffee)

Additional Information:

★Her hoodie has 2 triangular points at the top which resemble cat ears.
★She hides behind her hoodie when there are too many people around or when she feels uncomfortable or shy. 
★On the back of her hoodie are two zeros in an American jersey type lettering.
★She's actually short-sighted and owns a pair of huge round glasses. She doesn't wear them very  often because her sight isn't too bad, and only uses them to view things that are far away. She keeps these glasses in an inner pocket of her hoodie for an easy reach. 

RP Sample:

The bell rings as the door to the cat cafe is opened. Tomoko shuffles in as quietly as possible, while her allmate Yuki excitedly circles her, causing her to almost trip. "Yuki, calm down!" She whispers, but the giant cat pays no heed and runs ahead towards the cafe owner who pets him, tickling under his chin. The old lady greets Tomoko as she enters, but as always she is slightly startled at the sudden attention on her. Looking at her feet to avoid eye contact, she nevertheless politely responds with a small smile, "Un!" She nods,  "G-good afternoon..."

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